How to Avoid Painful Feet this Party Season

How to Avoid Painful Feet this Party Season

The Christmas party season is upon us, and that usually means numerous opportunities to throw on your glad rags and those ridiculously impractical killer heels, that look so amazing- but you want to avoid painful feet.

Whether you are a lover of glamorous high heels all year round or you save them for the Christmas Party Season, any tips to get through the night without too much pain, or being the barefoot party girl, have got to be worth knowing.

Here are our top tips to keep you comfortable and looking fabulous all night long:

Make Sure the Shoe Fits

Just before you fall in love with the perfect looking pair of party shoes, think about your party feet and make sure the shoe fits well. Not too loose, too narrow or with straps or buckles pressing in awkward places. An ill fitting shoe could make your partying a painful challenge.

Go for Comfort

Comfort does not mean resorting to your trainers but do try and choose a shoe with a thicker sole, a slight platform is great, that has a little extra padding in the insole. If your “die for” shoes are lacking in padding consider inserting an orthotic insole. There are some very discreet ones on the market that can even be worn with sandals.

Cushion the Balls of your Feet

High heels place all of you body weight onto the balls of your feet, so this is where you are going to feel any pain first. Combat this pain with a comfy pair of gel insoles, as well as providing a cushion they stop your feet from slipping so may help prevent blisters too.

Think Posture

So, you have tried to make your high heels as comfy as possible to avoid painful feet, now it is time to concentrate on your posture. It is important that you keep your body weight centred by tightening your abs, and tucking your tail bone under. This will bring your centre of gravity back to the mid line and take the pressure of the joints of your toes. And you know what that means…less achy feet!

Practice walking in your shoes before the big night out too. Remember to place your heel down first, a la catwalk style. This will help to even your weight out across your full foot.

After the Party

Once you have experienced the blissful feeling of kicking off your shoes, slip your feet into a peppermint soak. Follow up by massaging in a hydrating balm and slipping on some cosy sock, to help with the hydration of course, before sliding into bed.

That should recharge your feet ready to party again tomorrow. Oh, and if all else fails carry a pair of comfortable shoes or flip flops in your hand bag and ditch the heels when the going get too tough. Well, a girl has got to survive the party seasonsomehow and there is certainly more than just her feet to think about.

Do you have a top tip to share with us to survive the night in heels and avoid painful feet? We need all the help we can get, please share it with us in the comments.

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