Can Mirrors Help you to Lose Weight?

Can Mirrors Help You To Lose Weight?


Can Mirrors Help you to Lose Weight?

So, it is January 2016 and just how many of us have made a new year’s resolution to lose weight?

It is still the most popular “health” resolution along with drinking less alcohol and giving up smoking. Other popular resolutions for 2016 centered around family and leisure time and getting offline and away from screens. So, in taking on the weight loss challenge you will likely fit in with those resolutions made by your close friends and family. Take a look:

Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions for 2016
1. Go on a diet/lose weight
2. Go on a holiday or mini-breaks
3. Travel and see more of the world
4. Read more books
5. Drink less alcohol
6. Give up smoking
7. Put time aside for a personal hobby or project
8. Spend more time with family
9. Cook from scratch more often
10. Spend less time on social media
11. Watch less TV
12. Calls to relatives more often
13. Back up your computer more often
14. Spend less time online
15. Work less overtime
Now your challenge for 2016 has been decided it is time to put all the metrics into place that will help you achieve your goal. Get researching the best eating plan or diet for you, and plan the best ways for you to get active and you will be off to a great start. There are lots of tools and tricks to keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey and one that should not be dismissed is the humble mirror. Can mirrors help you to lose weight? Yes they can!
You know that LED mirror, Hollywood vanity mirror, or mirrored bathroom cabinet that you look into every day to apply your makeup, shave or just to make sure you are looking your best. But, when was the last time you looked at more than just your face in the mirror? Here are 3 unbelievable ways to use mirrors to help you achieve your weight loss goal:

Place Mirrors where you Dine

Research has shown that placing mirrors in the kitchen or dining room can change your perception of food. Looking into a mirror lets you see yourself as others see you, which can affect what and how much you eat. It came to light that the perceived tastiness of convenience food was lowered when the consumer could see themselves eating it, however the tastiness of a fruit salad did not. This is great news if you want to eat less convenienced food, which of course will help with your weight loss plans.

Use a Weight Loss Mirror Simulator


What is one of those? These style of apps are popping up everywhere. They allow you to upload a photo of yourself so you can see what you would look like with a weight loss or gain, just like looking in a mirror, only you are a different size.

Some of them come with many additional features to help with your weight management. For example, the ability to track your calorie intake, log your meals and exercise, set weekly challenges and calculate your BMI.

Weight loss mirror simulators are well worth looking at if you own a smartphone and are driven by visual results.

The Selfie Diet

Similar to the weight loss mirror simulator, Kara Buttery motivated herself to lose a whopping 6 stones using a full length mirror and her mobile phone. After deciding to lose weight it was that very first selfie taken using her full length bedroom mirror that motivated and inspired Kara to succeed.

Kara continued to keep a selfie diary as the pounds melted away, wearing the same outfit and standing in front of the same full length mirror so that she had a true comparison each time.

It is easy give up on things when they aren’t going quite as planned, but looking back at how far you have come can often be the motivation, that virtual pat on the back, that you need to help you get back on track. This is exactly what Kara’s weight loss selfie diary did. Genius!

Share your weight loss tips and tricks with us in the comments. You could help others reach their goals.

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