3 Amazing Examples of Smart Mirrors


From smart phones to smart watches and even smart water bottles, it seems that most gadgets on the market are now becoming smart. So how would you like your mirror to be smart too?

We’ve taken a look into some of the newest mirror technologies on the market.

The Panasonic Smart Mirror

Panasonic unveiled its virtual mirror which, according to them will be able to analyse your face using built in HD cameras. It will then point out every flaw and recommend which products you can use to fix them.

It also lets you virtually try on makeup. Apparently there will be a whole range of different styles of make-up so you’ll be able to experiment with your eyebrow shape, eye-shadow, cheek colour and lipstick as well as playing round with false eyelashes.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to own your own Panasonic smart mirror soon as they’ve said that the mirror will be placed in large department stores to help sell products to consumers.

Discover more about the Panasonic mirror from Engadget


The Ralph Lauren Fitting Room Smart Mirror

Last year Ralph Lauren introduced interactive smart mirrors from oak Labs in their New York flagship store changing rooms. The interactive mirror is equipped with a touch screen mirror that does everything from adjusting the lighting in the fitting room to calling a shop assistant for help.

The way it works is when you step into the fitting room, a piece of technology in the mirror will pick up on what clothes you’ve bought in and will display them on the mirror. From there you’ll be able to select the right size size, colour and see other style recommendations.

You can then use the mirror to make a purchase via PayPal while still in the fitting room or even receive a text message with a link to the clothes you’ve just tried on.

‘Smart’ mirrors in fitting rooms give shoppers a different look

The Google Smart Mirror

Last but not least we have the Google Smart Mirror created by a Google engineer called Max Braun. This Smart Mirror runs on Google’s Android software system.

The news headlines come an Associated Press RSS feed and he is currently using Amazon’s Fire TV stick to run the user interface.

A Google engineer invented this smart mirror that tells you the news while you admire your looks.


Unfortunately if you’re looking for a Smart Mirror to go in your new bathroom then sorry to say but none of these are currently available for the public to purchase.It will definitely be something to look out for in the future though. In the mean time,LED mirrors will provide a definite standout style statement in your bathroom.

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