Hobbies! And Why All Adults Need One

An important and fundamental aspect within our lives, many often underestimate the value of hobbies for adults. 

Along with giving us the opportunity to expand our skills and knowledge set, having a hobby has proven to enrich the quality of our lives. This can be created through the simple pleasure of having and looking forward to this enjoyable activity within our spare time. 

When it comes to choosing which hobby is right for you, we are fortunate where we have an abundance of options available. Not just limited to classes and courses around us, through the internet and developing technology that we access, we can discover new skills and learn new traits that we otherwise would not have had access to. 

Within this blog we will discover how you can begin finding hobbies for adults and what you should look for when choosing your next activity to savour and enjoy. 

The importance of hobbies for adults?

Perhaps you are wondering, what is so important about hobbies for adults and why should I look for a hobby. There are many benefits to finding a hobby, not just from the enjoyment that it brings, but also the numerous health benefits that it offers. 

Here the main advantages of having a hobby and why you should get out of your groove and look for a new activity today. 


1- Helps to relieve stress

Throughout the day, subconsciously you develop and build up stress. Through the use of a hobby, you can remove any negative energy by putting your sole focus onto the activity in front of you. Perfect for those wanting to practice mindfulness, relax and seek pleasure in a hobby you enjoy, you will witness intently lower stress levels.

2- Makes you interesting

With stories to tell and experiences to share, it is found that people who have hobbies and interests are perceived as being more interesting. This knowledge and skill set that they develop when learning their new hobby, they can share with family, friends and colleagues.

3- Builds confidence

Another benefit of hobbies for adults and that is the added confidence that having a hobby can create. Whether you are shy and find it difficult to social with new people or it is the learning of a new skill, each challenge no matter big or small that you face during your hobby can help build your confidence.

4- Added patience

From knitting, completing jigsaws to pottery, one benefit of hobbies and that is the added patience that you can witness within your inner being. This patience is developed and nurtured through letting go, not rushing and acknowledging that each project has to grow organically at its own pace. With pottery, this patience will need to be extended further than throwing the pot on the wheel. There is no cause for celebration until your pot has successfully emerged undamaged from the kiln. 

5-Reduce boredom

If you are someone who spends their evenings bored staring at their phone, hobbies for adults would be recommended. Giving you an activity to complete during your evenings and something to look forward to throughout the week, you may just notice that you are no longer experience boredom to the same extent as before.

6- A new perspective on life

One of the biggest joys when taking up a new hobby and that is the added perspective on life that you gain. No longer taking for granted the smaller things, instead your horizons will be expanded and you will be introduced to new thoughts and ideas that you otherwise would not have come into contact with.

7- Challenges yourself

When pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, socialising with others and focusing on learning a new skill, you are challenging yourself. This new discovery of your skills can highlight how strong you truly are, but help to ignite a new appreciation for yourself. Hobbies should not necessarily be easy. Infact, the more difficult that they are, the more joy and pleasure you will experience through the conquering of a new skill.

8- Appreciate the smaller things

This time taken out of your day to conduct your hobby and practice self care, can help contribute to an appreciation of the small things. If you spend your spare afternoons conducting various habits, you will instead of dreading the boredom, will appreciate the time that you take to do nothing. This new appreciation towards slowing down can also see reduced negative feelings, helping to create a healthier and happier person. 

How to find the right hobby for you?


There is no doubting the many benefits of hobbies for adults, but how do you go about deciding which hobby is best suited to you? 

If you are determined and excited about the prospect of taking up a new hobby, but are unsure of where to start, there are a few tips and tricks to helping you to choose the right activity

For some people, they feel naturally compelled to a particular hobby, some people try a new activity on a whim and fall instantly in love, but what if you are not instantly attracted to an activity?

Look back to your childhood. Was there a particular activity that you enjoyed, something that you would enjoy completing that you wished you had the opportunity to explore further? Perhaps, there was an activity you wished you had the opportunity to conduct, but was never given the chance. Well the time has come. 

Try a few different ideas. A bit like a mood board for a room, pull together a selection of different ideas that have tickled your fancy throughout the years, but have not been willing to commit to. By trying a few different hobbies, you can discover which of the selected choices you prefer. 

Choose something mindful. If you are a person that lives a particularly stressful life, choosing an activity that allows you to switch off and forget the worries of the day is recommended. Whether it is knitting or pottery, choose an activity that you have to solely focus on.

Review your shopping habits. When struggling to come up with exciting hobby ideas, looking at how and where you spend your spare money could prove valuable in choosing a hobby for you. If you are a fan of buying fun, brightly coloured tie dye tops for festivals, why not take up tie dye and make your next rave outfits for yourself?

Review past hobbies. Have you experienced the pleasure of hobbies in the past? Consider revisiting those past loves and try your hand at activities that previously brought you joy and satisfaction. This time revisiting activities could help to familiarise yourself with your next hobbies for adults. 

Evaluate yourself. The last and final tip to finding the right hobby for you, and that is to look hard, inside yourself. What part of you, would you like to change? What activity made you stop and when did you last take time out to fully nurture and care for yourself? 

Do you wish you could be more flexible or perhaps there has been a time when sitting in front of the TV, you were wishing you were doing something else? Review these thoughts, they have occurred for a reason and could prove vital in finding the right hobby for you.

What hobbies for adults are there?

You are feeling inspired to partake and attempt to witness the many advantages of having a hobby for yourself, but what is the full list of hobbies to choose from? With the list of hobbies that you can attempt to incorporate into your life extensive and individual to the user, we have searched high and low and put together a list of the most common hobbies that you could try.

Whether to be conducted weekly or on a daily basis, it will amaze you the instant benefit of conducting these hobbies for adults into your routine. 

  • Cooking
  • Upcycling
  • Gardening
  • Reading
  • Pottery
  • Painting
  • Adult Mindful Colouring in Book
  • Podcasts
  • Join a book reading club
  • Watch documentaries
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Calligraphy
  • Photography
  • Embroider
  • Knitting
  • Meditation
  • Sports group
  • Yoga
  • Take up DJing
  • Learn a new language
  • Mosaics
  • Gaming
  • Volunteering
  • Thrifting
  • Writing
  • Baking


With many benefits and a long list of reasons why we should all take up hobbies for adults, what are you waiting for? Whether it is to reduce our stress levels, appreciate the smaller things or to build your self confidence while completing a task that we love, having a hobby can be a beneficial and a valuable addition to our lives.

You are now aware of what to look for when looking for your next hobby and with a long list of the most popular hobbies to choose from, you should have no difficulty in making the exciting decision of what to learn next. 

Remember, that the hobby that you choose does not have to be from the list above. No, instead personalise your hobby and choose an activity that you enjoy, challenges you, but also adds value and substance in your life. Helping to create a happier and healthier you.

Have you recently taken up a new hobby, or perhaps you are currently in the process of looking for a new hobby? We would love to hear from you and to hear your experience of having a hobby as an adult. Comment below and share your experience today. 

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