Revamp The Office Space With These 9 Delivery Services

Getting flowers delivered to the office is so last decade!

Spruce up your working day by getting a special delivery straight to your desk! You can now find office delivery services for everything. Everything.

Just make sure you use a legit service company with the correct courier vehicle insurance and you’re good to go!

Check out these 9 awesome office delivery services for inspiration.

Lunch Is Served

Sink your teeth into lunch delivery services – they may be the best thing since sliced bread!

Forgot your lunch, working through your break or just don’t fancy that soggy sarnie your other half made?

Why not get your midday meal delivered straight to your desk?  It’s quick, convenient and the menu is endless (the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to order)!

While food delivery services have been taming growling stomachs for decades now, the explosion of food courier services and takeaway insurance in recent years has led to more and more food establishments offering a delivery service.

Basically, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is on the menu! Seriously! From your favourite takeaway, to that new restaurant down the road and even Michelin star cuisine. Still hungry? You’ve got global street food,  tasty healthy food services, and even desserts. The list goes on…

So why not embrace lunch Al’ Desco?- because eating in is the new going out! Bon Appetite!

Gift Hampers

Perfect for a colleagues birthday, as a thank you to a client or as a team reward. Gift hampers and gift baskets make for a unique treat to get delivered to the office. Nothing is as special as receiving a luxury keepsake basket bursting with sweets, treats and gifts. And with so many different types of gift hampers available, you’ll find one for every occasion and every type of person.

From makeup filled pamper packages, to food hampers, alcohol baskets, to gardening boxes and everything in between. Happy Hampering!

Back to Basics (aka office essentials)

That dreaded moment. You’ve boiled the kettle and popped a teabag into your favourite mug. You open the fridge, reach for the milk bottle, only to discover (shock, horror)….IT’S EMPTY.

Your heart suddenly drops and a caffeine-withdrawal induced rage succumbs your body – this is a crime punishable by exile from the office!

Every workplace has experienced this nightmare – you’ve run out of the staple items such as milk, bread, tea and coffee. Staples by name. Sacred by nature. No workplace would survive without an Elevenses brew and custard cream.

So thank goodness for delivery services such as these guys at Office Drop, who may just be modern day miracle workers. They’ll regularly deliver all those staple goods straight to your office. So you never have to go without your 3pm pick me up again!

Travel Money

Off on a well-earned holiday anytime soon? Before you countdown the last few remaining days at work until you can finally jet off, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re fully prepared!

Suitcase packed? Check. Stocked up on suncream? Check. Passports valid? Check.

“Oh no!” You’ve forgotten to get your travel money exchanged!

Don’t panic! Many currency exchange services now do home delivery.  So you can get your travel money delivered to your door, or office.

That means you can spend your lunch breaks searching for images of that luxury beach you’ll soon be sunbathing on.

Bits ‘n’ Bobs

There’s nothing worse than coming home from work and having a to-do list as long as long as your arm.

If only you had a domestic fairy godmother who could magically complete all those errands and tasks for you.

Not technically a delivery service, or possessing (magical) powers either, but a same-day task service will definitely make your wishes come true. They’ll tackle all your mundane household chores from the laundry, cleaning, doing the weekly shop to putting up that bathroom shelf your partner promised they’d do six weeks ago.

Heading straight out after work? No worries You can even get your favourite outfit delivered from your wardrobe to your office.

Alcohol (Tipple Time)

Beer o’Clock, Wine Down Wednesday or Five PM Fizz. Whatever your workplace calls it, a well-deserved glass (or two) of your favourite tipple at the end of the day or working week goes a long way. While everyone may not be able to head straight down to the local boozer after you’ve clocked off, an alcohol delivery service means you can all crack open a cold one together.

Subscription ‘Surprise’ Boxes

Subscription box services are all the rage nowadays. They’re like lucky dip bags but for grownups. The concept is simple. You subscribe to a service which delivers a box of goodies / samples to your door every month.  Getting your subscription box delivered to your office makes for a great monthly surprise, especially for when you need some Monday motivation.

No matter who you are or what your interest, there’s probably a box for you! From beauty boxes, food subscriptions, fitness goodies, comics and even stationery supplies.

Check out the best work subscription boxes for the office.

Say it with a Singagram

Need to get a very important message delivered to a colleague? Telephones and emails are so overrated! Why not get your memo delivered by a singagram?

Guaranteed they’ll never forget it!

Or perhaps it’s your manager’s birthday. Gift them with a musical surprise performed directly from their office! Just don’t be shocked if you don’t get that promotion you were promised!

Kitten Hugs

Yes. You read that correct. You can get a kitten delivered to your desk. And nope, not some cuddly toy either, I’m talking a real, live, cute, fluffy kitten.

Taxi service Uber launched a cat delivery service which brings them to your desk for 15 minutes. The animals are from shelters with all money going towards them.

Hold up, before you frantically clear up your work space ready for some feline snuggles!

Unfortunately, the service is only available in Australia and the US.  (Sorry to crush your kitten hugging dreams)!

Feeling tempted to try office delivery services? Have you ordered something to the workplace before? (Can it out-beat kittens)?

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