Moving Home? What about the Hot Tub?

Check the access paths for both the removal and the delivery property. You may have had the hot tub for a while, so it is a good idea to check it will still go out they way it came in. Pay attention to:

· Steps

· Turning restrictions

· Trees

· Low roofs

· Gates

Take time to measure and review the new property too. You will not be as familiar with this layout.

The hot tub will be moved on a Spa Dolly, so it is imperative that the access paths are clear. A crane can be used for more difficult locations, but additional costs will be incurred.

Take Action

Take the following actions in preparation for the arrival of the hot tub services company:

· The spa should be switched off

· Drain the spa of water

· Ensure that all your spa accessories are packed for the move

· Remove any obstructions from the exit path, including the removal of gates if necessary

· An electrician will need to blank off the electricity supply to the spa for safety


When choosing where the hot tub is to be situated at your new property the following should be considered:

· Privacy

· Access to the house from the spa

· Should it be placed in sun or shade?

· Space for sitting and walking around the tub

· Foundation – a full hot tub can weigh 2 tonnes and so requires foundations to support it

· Electricity supply – it is the law for a hot tub to have a designated (hard-wired) power source

If you are planning to landscape your new garden and integrate the hot tub into your design, the hot tub services company will simply make the delivery to the new address and the installation can take place at a later date.

Visit for more information on moving your hot tub and for a bespoke removal quotation.

Good luck with your move and enjoy your new home.

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