Scholar Success- Get Your Private Education Secured Now

Whitney Houston believed that the children are our future. That line from the 1986 smash hit Greatest Love of All is as true today as it was then.

As parents, we only want the best for out kids. We are prepared to make sacrifices to give them the best start in life. But sometimes even sacrifices are not enough.

And that’s where private school scholarships come in. An important point to remember here is that good schools want and need able children. Excellence on the sports field, good academic results and success in music or the arts do their reputations no harm at all. Success breeds success, as they say.

Because of that, most private schools are prepared to offer some kind of financial help to parents of gifted youngsters who are unable to afford full fees.

In fact, some scholarships are awarded to exceptional talented or intelligent youngsters without any means testing being carried out. It could be that they are particularly gifted in a certain area such as sport or the arts or music or academic subjects.

Are scholarships easy to get?

The simple answer is ‘no’. Children have to sit an examination and go through an interview process before being accepted. Be aware that the competition is fierce. But worth it.

How long is the scholarship process?

LVS Ascot – a co-educational day and boarding school in Berkshire, originally called the Licensed Victuallers’ School – requests that applications are received a year before children are due to enter Year 7. It then holds examinations soon after.

Applications for sixth form scholarships and awards must be received by the November of Year 5.

How do scholarships benefit students?

Apart from the obvious financial benefit, the kudos of being awarded a private school or boarding school scholarship boosts any child’s confidence. It sits well on his or her CV and proves that an exceptional talent had been recognised and rewarded.

How scholarships work?

It is rare to have all the school fees paid for nowadays. But private school scholarships can cover up to half fees. The child may also receive special mentoring or receive equipment, like musical instruments, or go on funded trips.

Where do I find private school scholarships?

If you have a preferred school, go directly to their website. Otherwise, try the Independent Schools Council, which represents more than 1,200 independent schools in the UK and overseas. Visit their website at and click on the link against any school name.

What are the best boarding school or private school scholarships?

The best scholarship is the one that suits your child’s skills. But it’s no use trying to force your offspring down a career path against their will. They will only become increasingly unhappy and eventually rebel.

Ask them what they want. It could be your gifted violinist actually has a burning desire to be a landscape gardener.

What are your experiences of private school scholarships?

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