Top 5 Home Decor Trends Of 2019

Drinks Trolleys

We may be able to spend a little more on making our homes have a luxury edge due to our society becoming more aware of how our lifestyle choices affect us, physically and mentally. Drinking alcohol and spending heapous amounts in a nightclub is no longer an activity that people want to do as the repercussions of a hangover do not coincide with mindfulness and meditation that have now become popular in this day and age. This social shift has made drinks trolleys fashionable in recent years, and 2019 has definitely been the year of setting home decor trends.

Even more so, technology has improved and allows us to do pretty much everything from our computer or mobile phone such as ordering food and watching the latest movies. However, we still enjoy casual drinking and being social and where is better to do that than in the comfort of our own living room.

home decor trends 2019

Gatsby Marble Bar Trolley

Recycled Furniture

To be eco-friendly in these recent years has proven to be a primary goal in keeping our planet alive and inhabited. Materials such as wood, metal and plastic can be recycled into one of a kind, state of the art furniture as well as simple and affordable furniture. Not only can recycled materials present as contemporary and if they are brand new, they serve a much larger purpose of reducing air and water pollution through reducing the processes of extraction, refinement and processing.


As we are increasingly exposed to the harm materialistic ideologies can have on our mental attitudes we look to seek simpler designs in hope to clear cluster from our living space. Contemporary interior and basic colours like white and greys serve purpose in making a room feel bigger and cleaner than darker colours such as black. Furniture that favours practicality over ornamentation has become popular in present-day designs and the less complicated the furniture is to assemble, the better.


Industrial design has become popular in the late 2000s as it implements the use of materials like metals and wood that may have been recycled and can be recycled in the future which poses as an attractive interior route for eco-friendly home owners with a mission to be sustainable. Brass gives a plush finish to pretty much any item of furniture and appliances as well as giving your home a feeling of uniqueness. Extraction and conversion cost of brass can be much higher than other metals such as copper and so furniture will tend to favour a brass powder that coats the metal used.

Stellar White Marble Coffee Table


After the tech obsessed early 2000s, we are progressively searching for ways to feel at one with nature. In recent years, interior design has evolved into biophilic design this is because we spend significantly more time indoors than outdoors and having a visual connection with nature in our homes has proven to be vital in improving our mental well being.

Elements such as indoor plants, large glass windows, fully opening doors and wooden furniture help to create a peaceful and organic home environment as well as making you feel at one with the world outside your wall

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