Halloween Safety Tips for Parents


So, have you made your plans for this year’s Halloween? With all the excitement from the children, the planning seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

Are you planning on heading to your favourite theme park for a spooky spectacular like the one I was telling you about at the beginning of the month, taking place at Hobbledown kids farm in London? Perhaps you are making plans to take to the streets for some trick or treating,  or perhaps attending a Halloween party.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, keeping your children safe during the Halloween festivities is of the utmost importance, and shouldn’t be forgotten in the fun and frivolities of dress up, devilish antics and delicious loot.

These Halloween safety tips for kids will be sure to make your night is a trick-free treat:

Halloween Costume Safety Tips
Follow these Halloween costume safety tips to make sure that your children are safe for going out into the creepy Halloween darkness:

  • Opt for a homemade costume. This way you know that the items of clothing and materials you use pass the right fire safety regulations. Shop bought costumes have a lower level of fire safety as they are categorised as toys. Some of them can catch fire in just 3 seconds, that is a light brush against a candle. Claudia Winkelman’s ordeal with daughter Matilda is testament to this fact after her Halloween costume set on fire.
  • Decorate your childrens’ costumes with reflective tape, ribbons and stickers to make them visible to traffic.
  • We know that masks are super scary part of a Halloween costume, but where you can opt for face painting instead using loose pigment makeup that promises not to damage you children’s skin. Masks can obstruct your child’s vision which could lead to an accident.
  • Have your children carry glow sticks or torches to prevent them from getting lost in the dark and to make them stand out to vehicles.
  • If you are choosing a shop bought costume make sure it is the correct size to avoid trips or falls.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips
It’s dark, dangerous and scary out there so remember:

  • Plan a direct route, with few crossings that is easy for the children to follow.
  • Use the green cross code when crossing the road!
  • Put your mobile phone away and look at where you are going and what your are doing.
  • Teach your children not to dart out from behind parked cars or sprint across the road. Witches, ghouls and monsters can scare drivers too.
  • Young children should not trick or treat alone, without adult supervision.
  • Older children that are trusted to go out alone should use a familiar route that is well lit.
  • Always trick or treat in numbers.

Now you know how to keep your children safe this Halloween, get your loot bags at the ready and have a fright-filled night. To get in the spirit of it all tell us what you are planning in the comments.

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