Winter Car Safety Tips for Shock UK Winter Forecast


It is fast approaching that time of year, the clock change is just around the corner and the early dark evenings will soon be upon us. Whilst this is great for snuggling up on the sofa by the fire to watch TV, winter weather conditions can make car journeys a little longer and little more dangerous.

This is a major concern this year with the long range forecast for the winter looking bleak indeed. If the forecast is correct the salt spreaders and winter maintenance crews will most definitely be working overtime.

A little winter car safety preparation and some pre-journey planning will reduce those winter risks. Here is our advice:

Bad weather conditions can make travel delays more likely, particularly in the event of snow, despite the valiant efforts of the salt spreaders. Keep your fuel tank at least a quarter full to prepare for unexpected lengthy travel.
Ensure your car is topped up with the correct mixture of the correct type of antifreeze for adequate cold temperature protection.
Make sure your lights are clean and bright before every journey. Make sure you can see and be seen by other vehicles. It is also a good idea to carry some spare bulbs should one need replacing during a trip.
With changing temperatures, it is important to check tyre pressure more frequently. For the ultimate in winter safety, winter tyres are worth considering. If not make sure you have at least 3mm of tread on your tyres for winter driving.
Battery failure is the most common cause of breakdowns in the winter, old batteries may struggle in the cold. To avoid a surprise breakdown replace your battery if it is more than five years old.W
Wiper Blades
Now is a good time to make sure you wiper blades are fit for the purpose by replacing any that are worn.
Windscreen Keeping your windscreen clean on the inside and out can will help with the glare of the low winter sun.Screen Wash 
Keep you screen wash topped up so you can always keep your windscreen clear. Using a good quality screen was in a 50% mix will also prevent your washer bottle contents from freezing.

Our winter car safety list should prepare you for the winter months, come rain, shine or snow. However, if your car does suffer any major problems then scrap your car for cash in Hampshire to ensure you can carry on driving with a working vehicle providing maximum safety.

Have you had a nightmare winter journey that you wish you had prepared for? Or perhaps a top tip that we haven’t listed. Let us know in the comments.

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