Why Everything Is Good About Charity Shop Clothes Shopping

5 Feel Good Reasons To Go Charity Shop Clothes Shopping

For some, a Saturday shopping trip is not complete until they have experienced the thrill of a charity shop bargain.

Charity clothes shopping is not always the easiest way to shop, it takes patience and perseverance to wade through swing tickets, hang tags and price stickers. But can you imagine the excitement, after looking at label upon label, of finding that one garment with it’s woven label emblazoned with your favourite designer brand? And it’s in your size too. Hooray! Mission accomplished.

However, there is more to charity shop clothes shopping than simply saving a few quid and bagging a cheap designer woven label.

Saving Money

Although we have seen the prices rise in charity shops, they are still cheap. You might not find the perfect garment for £1 very often, but things are still much cheaper than the fashion you find on the high street and often the quality of the garment is better too. However, there are online shops such as Everything5Pounds, where all garments cost £5! Don’t forget that spending less will mean that you can spend more often!

Supporting the Community

Generally, it is your local high street that is dotted with charity shops and not the large indoor shopping centres. A great reason to venture into your local area, get to know it better and give your support to local independent traders. The local butcher, greengrocer, boutique, or craft shop owner will be happy to see you.

Raising Money for Charity

Of course, fundraising is the main aim of any charity shop, and everything you buy gives them a helping hand. They support numerous different causes such as medical research, overseas aid, homelessness and animal welfare to list but a few.

Shop in support of a charity that is close to your heart or spread your spending among them all.

Protecting the Environment

Our charity shops are thriving and the rise in the number of them on our high streets has resulted in a reduction in the amount of clothing that gets thrown into our landfills, which has helped in reducing our CO2 emissions. All because we are throwing less clothing away and giving it to charities instead.

There are environmental costs involved in the manufacture of new items. Buying second-hand bypasses the manufacturing process and reduces the level of new resources needed. Charity shop clothes shopping is “going green” and supporting the environment too.

Good Ethics

We have all noticed the rise in cheap, fast fashion and although we see the effect on our purse someone, somewhere is losing out. It is usually those in the foreign sweatshops, working in poor, dangerous conditions for low or little pay. Do you really want to support that?

How good are you going to feel about yourself as you head out to your local high street with your bags for life? Not only is there the opportunity to bag a designer label bargain, but the causes you will be supporting are numerous. Bag that feel good factor too!

Are you a fan of the charity shop clothes shopping? Tell us about some of your bargains in the comments.

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