What is an animal curator?

Surely every Mum at some point has had a child that announces: “I am going to be a vet” or “I’m going to work in a zoo” or perhaps even “I want to be a farmer”.  There is a phase in every child’s life where they seem to have a very strong affinity to animals, which as parents we nurture with trips to safari parks, zoos and working farms.  Very few of these children, despite our nurturing, actually end up in the zoological or veterinary field and it is hardly surprising as these jobs are very specialist and in short supply.

What is an animal curator?

Working with animals is one of the most unique working environments around.  However, it takes a special kind of person, one that is dedicated and passionate not only about animals, but also the environment in which they live in, to carry it off.

It is not always glamorous with the job often requiring the use of physical strength and long hours to provide the care and attention for a wide range of animal species that is often required 24 hours a day, seven days a week and whatever the weather.

Angela Lambert is the Animal Curator at Hobbledown, a mystical kids farm in London.  Although the saying goes “never work with children or animals”, Angela revels in working with both.

The unique farm park adventure that is Hobbledown is based on a 50 acre site and is home to more than 150 animals as well as it being a mystical, magical fantasy land full of indoor and outdoor play areas.  A child’s dream day out!

As the Animal Curator at Hobbledown it is Angela’s job to supervise all areas of animal management.  Her role involves making decisions regarding the animals environments, diets, veterinary care, enrichment activities and quarantine procedures.  The most exciting part of the role for Angela is choosing new arrivals for the Hobbledown collection.

She looks after quite a range of animals at Hobbledown including Snufflers, Grimwoollys, Brayers, Pimpertails, Pickers and Nibblynobblers.  Confused?  These are some of the mystical names given to the animals and if you ever visit Hobbledown you will see that this is part of the magic and charm that makes it a wonderful attraction for children.  Let me translate for you:

Snufflers – Pigs
Grimwoollys – Sheep
Brayers – Donkeys
Pimpertails – Peafowl
Pickers – Chickens
Nibblynobblers – Chinchillas

I am sure Angela will tell you that she has a dream job and with her previous experience of being a school teacher the Hobbledown environment seems perfect for her, so I am sure she is quite right!.

If you are interested in visiting Hobbledown pop along to the website for more information on opening times and what’s on.  Don’t forget to say “Hi” to Angela and the Nibblynobblers!

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