How to cure a cold naturally

With cold and flu season well under way it is always good to have some helpful hints up your sleeve to try and rid yourself of germs as quickly as possible.  None of us like to feel under the weather and I for one find being ill very frustrating!

It is well known that antibiotics do not kill off the common cold or flu virus so it is really down to us to nip “the dreaded lurgy” in the bud in a timely fashion to save passing it around and it coming right back to where it started.  That’s right, back to you!

When we are feeling under the weather and a little sorry for ourselves, our first reaction is to just curl up in bed.  However, this isn’t always the most beneficial course of action.

So with hiding under the duvet set aside here are a few things that will help you on the road to recovery:

Exercise may be the last thing that you feel like doing, but if you are only suffering from a common cold a short spell of aerobic exercise can help to break down congestion.  Be flexible, we are not suggesting you arrive at the gym and push yourself as hard as your usual workout, but a brisk walk in the fresh air, a light jog or a Zumba class may certainly be a benefit so long as you are well hydrated and are not suffering from a temperature.

Head for a hot tub!  Raising your body temperature is what helps to kill off the multiplying germs of the common cold.  A 30 minute soak in a hot tub will raise your body temperature and help rid your body of the cold and flu virus.  It also has the added benefits of relieving any aches and pains that are often a symptom that accompanies a cold.  That’s me heading for a Hot Tub in Portsmouth tonight, I don’t need to be told twice.

As the cold and flu virus cannot survive in high temperatures heading for a sauna or steam room could aid in a speedy recovery.  Raising your body temperature creates a “false fever” which will fight the virus and rid your body of the cold and flu toxins, over time.

Dabbing a mentholated decongestant under your nose before entering a sauna, steam room or spa will help to open up the airways too!

It is always good advice to drink lots of fluids, but this is certainly the case when you are ill, particularly if you are spending time raising your body temperature to kill off germs, using hot tubs, saunas and lightly exercising.  If you can, drink hot water as this will help break down the congestion further.

So if you would rather take a holistic approach to killing off your cold it seems that it is worth heading for your local gym or health centre rather than hiding under the duvet.

To be honest I think a mixture of the two sounds perfect, so I plan to head for my local Portsmouth gym this evening and then snuggle under the duvet with a hot water bottle to “sweat it out” as my Mum would have said.

Have you ever tried any of these remedies for a common cold?  Did they work for you?  We’d love to hear any advice or experiences you have in combating “the dreaded lurgy”.

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