4 Tips for Creating a Productive Home Office

There are now more reasons than ever to work from home in a home office, part or full time – for one thing, ditching your commute is great for the environment, not to mention your stress levels.  If you’re one of the many thousands of people shifting to freelance or remote work in an evolving economy, you’ve probably found yourself at home and wondering how best to use the space you have to do the work you love. Here are some quick and easy things to consider when putting together a home work space that’s just right for you. 


Bring in a bit of nature

Forget about cold, industrial office aesthetics. If your office is at home, you really are at liberty to create a zone that is more comfortable to your personal needs. And what better way to do that, than to invite mother nature in? Consider big vases of cut flowers or little cacti in quirky pots that make you smile. Decorate with earthy elements like pretty rocks, shells, wood or even water features. Crack a window and let the breeze in. Communing with nature doesn’t just feel good, it’ll boost your mood and help you relax and stay focused as you work. Even the sunshine itself can work wonders. According to Stonehouse Furniture, “when you “bathe” in sunlight first thing in the morning, you are energised, resulting in increased productivity throughout the day.”

Be creative with your home office

Any room in the house can work as a home office or study area for online working, if it’s the right environment for you. Give yourself permission to experiment a little with a space that serves your needs. You can set up a temporary workspace in a corner of a room, work outside in a dedicated office-shed or set up your own work sanctuary in a spare bedroom. Carefully consider what you’re working with, and find a way to think “outside the box.” Modular or collapsible furniture from Ikea, clever storage solutions or upcycled pieces can all be used to create a bespoke workstation that fits you perfectly – and lets you get on with your work.

Keep organized

If you’re just starting out working at home, expect an adjustment period as you learn to self-manage and plan your time around a new schedule. To cut down on distractions and procrastination, you’ll need to keep your desk tidy and organized at all times. Colour coded filing systems, wall mounted document holders, and a place for all your stationery is a must. Make sure you have plenty of supplies stocked up (printer ink, post it notes, envelopes) and spare a thought for how you’ll manage your paper waste. 

Depending on the work you do and where exactly your home office is set up, you might find it a good idea to have your own coffee machine or water jug at hand, or some healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up. 

Express yourself

You’re far more likely to feel productive and efficient if you’re in a space that you love. You have artistic license with how you decorate your home office – so express yourself! Now’s your chance to get a giant beanbag in the corner, if you want one. Hang up artwork that inspires you, put pictures of loved ones on the desk to remind you of what’s important, and splash out on accessories that make you happy. You could decide to have something to speak to each of your senses: a stick of incense, gorgeous ambient music and a mug of peppermint tea can certainly make an afternoon of work fly by more pleasantly! Put your personal touch into your workspace and you’ll feel more comfortable and be more productive. 

Address potential distractions

Finally, think of ways to cut down on distractions if this is likely to be a problem at home. Can you close the door, get a “do not disturb” sign for your desk when you’re busy, or install some productivity apps that cut down on non-essential web browsing? Set a daily routine that you follow with little rituals to keep you focused and in the flow. Consider laying down some ground rules for yourself and family members – you might establish a rule that you are not to be disturbed between certain hours, or that you won’t allow yourself to watch TV before noon. Everyone’s rules will be different, but it’s important to have clear and realistic boundaries between work and home life, for the benefit of both!

There are certainly challenges that come with working from home. But with a little planning and forethought you can easily transform any space in your home into a space where you do your best work. Let us know your thoughts and if you too have made the switch and the challenges that you have faced when working from home.

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