Remote Working- Why You Need To Prove You Can Do It

As the novelty of remote working begins to wear off and the once pleasure of working in our gym leggings becomes tiring, managing your work life balance becomes more of a priority.

For many people, a number of challenges of remote working are floating to the surface.

Out of these challenges, learning how to impress your boss while working remotely is at the forefront of their agenda. 

From keeping on top of their work schedule, coming across as proactive while flourishing in this new working environment that we find ourselves in. If you are like us, working at home is slowly becoming more and more challenging. 

No longer having to face the morning commute, colleagues stealing your lunch and interruptions all day long, working at home can be enjoyable if mastered correctly.

Within this blog, we will share our top tips on how to impress your boss when working remotely and get you looking the most efficient and proactive employee that you are. 

Top 10 tips to impress your boss when working remotely:

#1 Work Consistent Working Hours

Our first top tip to discovering how to impress your boss while working remotely and that is to continue working your set contracted hours. If you worked 9-5 in the office with a 45 minute lunch break, we recommend that you stay with this routine.

Along with keeping a routine within your life which is incredibly important in such an unsure time, this consistent working hours also allows your boss to know when they can contact you. 

If you are needing to change your working hours for a particular reason, informing them and letting them know of this change in working hours even for a day looks professional and allows them to stay informed. Set working hours are also important for colleagues, as this allows them to be aware of when they can contact you. Important when working on projects as a team. 

#2 Make an effort for video calls

As tempting as it may be to roll out of bed and crawl your way to the laptop, try and resist from this unhealthy routine. It is recommended that you get up at the same time as you would have when commuting, going for an early morning run, showering and having a healthy breakfast before getting dressed for working. We don’t recommend dressing up in a shirt and tie. Instead, put on a nice shirt or top. 

By making an effect, you will come across as professional and allows your fellow colleagues to take you seriously while discussing the latest developments on a client project.

#3 Prioritise Video Calls

Face to face human interaction is an incredibly important feature and a feature that should not be overlooked. While it can feel tempting to hide away, avoiding showering for days, get up and get seen by communicating with colleagues and clients through video call.

With friction and stress of remote working at an all time high, crossing barriers and talking directly over video calls can enforce positive energy and enhance your working experience. 

This attention and desire to communicate is a top tip on how to impress your boss when remote working and shows that you care about your job and that it is your main priority. While accessible at any time during the working day to ask and answer relevant questions. The ultimate sign of professionalism.

#4 Answer your Work Phone

What would we do without technology? Through the addition of technology, we can set up a remote work phone on our computers that functions in the same way as our work phone.

It is recommended that if you have yet to do so, to install your work telephone to your PC. This you can do through services such as VoIP phone. Along with installing this software that enables you to quickly call clients and colleagues, it is also recommended that you pick the phone up when it calls. Creating a sense of normality, you never know who you will be answering the phone to. From your boss checking in to discover whether you are working, or a potential client who wants to sign the dotted line. When it comes to impressing your boss when remote working, we recommend picking up your phone and being accessible at all times of the working day. 

#5 Work to your best ability

Whether you are enjoying the freedom that comes with remote working, or you are keen to discover how to impress your boss when working from home, our fifth top tip and that is to work to your best ability.

Although distractions are at an all time high, focusing and completing your work to the highest standard, along with looking professional, your manager will notice this achievement. 

With working from home is a positive experience for many, the benefits of working at home have been highlighted in a recent study by Owl Lab. Within this study it was discovered 34% of remote workers would take a 5% wage cut in order to continue working at home. 

To show and prove to your boss that you are efficient and able to continue working to a high standard, working to your best ability in such circumstances is highly recommended.

#6 Avoid Procrastination

In order for you to complete the above top tip on how to impress your boss while remote working, avoiding procrastination is key. By focusing and completing tasks as required regardless of how off putting they appear, you can hand in assignments on time and to a high standard. Work to a high standard and with a deadline in mind and you can see an instant appreciation not just from your boss, but from your team around you. 

If you struggle to motivate yourself and complete those larger tasks that are sitting in your work queue, we recommend following the ‘Eat the frog’ technique.

This technique involves writing down all your tasks for the day and putting them in order of priority. By focusing on the bigger, more important tasks first thing in the morning, you have removed the task that you were dreading. Instead able to then complete the smaller tasks, in turn turning you into a proactive and efficient employee that will be noticed by their superiors. 

#7 Be Proactive

Are you viewing your workload or projects in a new light since working from home? If you have had a bright idea that you believe might be of interest to the team, speak up and share. Employers love it when staff are proactive and generate smart ideas.

Whether it be to increase efficiency or solve a problem that you have been battling for many months, being proactive is a sure way to get noticed in all the right ways. 

Be a problem solver and use this time to think outside of the box and improve your work performance, creating a legacy after you have left the company. 

#8 Check in regularly with your boss

One of the most common effects witnessed within employees when remote working and that is to slip off and become withdrawn and quiet. Instead of shutting yourself away to focus solely on your work, speak up and check in regularly with your boss. Without bombarding them, send frequent emails to update them on the progress of the project to show that you are progressing while keeping them in the know how. Whether weekly or daily, each boss will have a preference to the amount of emails that they prefer to receive.

When it comes to how to impress your boss while working remotely and that is to reach out and ask for help when needed. Although being independent is a valued trait, being interdependent is key for success. If in need, by asking for much needed help, you can get the aid you require while showing that you value their skills and expertise while putting the priority of the task first. 

#9 Turn up early to work and meetings

Like turning up for work early, starting work and video meetings a few minutes before can look professional. This time that you have set aside when starting the meeting early can be used to catch up with fellow employees and your boss. Whether to discuss weekend plans, a book you have finally had the time to complete, this interaction can go a long way with maintaining relationships.

Our ninth top tip on how to impress your boss while working remotely. Super simple, this task can be quickly conducted before you knuckle down to discuss the scheduled agenda.

#10 Socialize With Fellow Employees

It is no secret, but the best work is often completed by a team of individuals who get along well together. To continue and develop your camaraderie with fellow colleagues, take time out of your working day to socialise and check in with employees. Whether a quick message to check how they are feeling, to a group video call to laugh and share your latest baking failures, this small time socialising will help maintain work relationships while helping you to look great in the eyes of your boss. 

More importantly, this time spent socialising can help you to feel good and part of a supportive network, important during these challenging and isolating times. Helping you maintain and care for your health during lockdown.


What may have originally started off as a novelty can instead become a challenging task the further into lockdown we proceed. If your energy and motivation are running to a new low and you are looking for new ways on how to impress your boss while remote working, we recommend following our 10 top tips.

Along with helping you to continue looking professional and proactive, able to continue remote working even after the pandemic has passed, these tips can also create a much needed routine. 

From starting work early, working to your original contract hours to socialising and nurturing those important work relationships, these top tips are far more important than you originally would have thought.

How are you finding remote working? We would love to hear from you and discover your proven methods that have helped you to impress your boss while remote working. Comment below and share your experience today.

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