Landscaping for your Hot Tub – The Right Way


We all love the idea of having a hot tub in our garden. Relaxing in the warm bubbles and fresh air, taking in views of the sunset. Stop!

Is this really how it is going to be or are you going to be staring out of your kitchen window at an ugly, bucket of water that has been slapped on the patio?

When buying a hot tub it is important to consider how it is going to be integrated into your garden and look aesthetically pleasing, you know, like those pictures in the brochures. This can often mean changes to the layout of your garden and could involve hardscaping as well as landscaping. But get the landscaping for your hot tub right and the results will be stunning and you will use, and enjoy your hot tub so much more, making it a great return on investment.

Place it Properly

Think about what you will be looking at when sitting in your hot tub. Locate your hot tub in an area of your garden with the prettiest view, not forgetting which way the sun rises and sets.

Make an Outdoor Room

Create a  relaxing outdoor spa area that is separate from your outdoor dining area. A hot tub lodge is perfect for that zen-like feeling giving added privacy. If you like to be more out in open an arbor is also a good choice for a hot tub enclosure.

Blend it in

Avoid leaving all of the sides of the hot tub on show. Use existing fences, walls, railing or shrubbery to disguise the sides you can and then cover those that are visible with a beautiful enclosure, perhaps in cedar.

Plant Right to the Tub

Use your tub as a beautiful garden focal point and plant right up to the edges.  If your hot tub is not set in the ground access is not an issue so go wild with the foliage.

Include a Sun Deck

Create a sundeck around or close to the tub to enjoy it to the max. Make it easy to go from relaxing in the sun to relaxing in the pool. That is definitely landscaping for your hot tub the right way.  Bliss.

Still in need of inspiration? There are lots of hot tub landscaping ideas on Pinterest. Let me know the ideas you love in the comments.

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