6 Tactical Tips for Selling your Home with Staging


So, you are planning on selling your home. Congratulations you have completed the first and hardest step in what can be a lengthy, stressful process.

Of course you will want to achieve the highest price possible for your home. One of the ways to make your home as valuable as possible is by “staging” it. Preparing your house for viewings is very important and could raise the property value by thousands. Here’s how to do it:

Minimalise and Declutter
Potential buyers need to be able to envisage what the house will look like with their own belongings in it, so you need to show off the space as best as possible. This is done by decluttering. Pack up all your clutter and give it away to charity, pass on to a friend or put it into a self storage facility.Not sure where your nearest facility is? They are simple to find, simply type “self storage near” me into Google and hey presto! If you use an alternative search engine it may be easier to search your location, for example Self Storage Kings Cross. When minimising or decluttering be sure to keep a few personal items on display. When purchasing a home, we are buying into a lifestyle as much as the property and your items can convey that.Neutral Decor
It is very difficult to be opposed to neutral decor, it also looks very clean and fresh. To make the property look as light and bright as possible put a fresh lick of paint on the walls. It will make your home appear bigger too.Neutral decor enables potential buyers to imagine the house with their own decorative style, providing them with a blank canvas so to speak.It is easy to move into a neutral home and it’s a great selling point as there is nothing to do immediately, apart from move their belongings in.

Squeaky Clean
Scrub every inch of your house until it sparkles, and make sure you tidy it before every viewing. Remember that viewers also like to look at the amount of storage space available so may be looking inside your wardrobes and cupboards too, so it’s a good idea to give them a good clear out as well. You wouldn’t want anything to fall out on your guests! More items to ship off to the self storage unit!

When cleaning don’t forget your floor coverings. Give the carpets a deep clean, especially if you have pets. This will not only reduce odours but also show that there no initial outlay is needed to update the carpets. Buyers generally want to move into a house with the minimum of costs.

Who doesn’t live with a few unfinished DIY jobs in their home? Well, if you are selling your house unfinished jobs are a big no no. The first thing a potential buyer will see is all the work they have to do when they move in and the pound signs that go with it.

Finish off all outstanding DIY jobs. Fix any broken knobs or handles, repair any cracked tiles and loose flooring, fill any holes in the walls and replace cracked, discoloured grout or sealants.

Going back to those first impressions, a bad smell is one of the biggest turn offs to prospective buyers. So, fix anything you think is causing a bad smell, drains, bins, smokers, and pets for example.

That said there are smells that will make your property more homely. We all know the smell of freshly baked bread and cakes draws most of us in, but is not practical to achieve for every viewer coming through the door. Opt for putting on a fresh pot of coffee or burning some scented candles.

The outside of your house is the first impression any potential buyer will get. Make sure that the front door looks clean and fresh either with a wash down or by adding a fresh coat of bold colour paint.

Cut back any bushes, cut the grass and scrub down any paving. Add some inviting hanging baskets or pots around the front door. That first impression really does count.

Curb appeal is very important, so make sure that house is looking slick with a new lick of paint if necessary. Ensure all guttering is correctly maintained and in good working order and any other remedial work is complete.

Whilst a tidy garden, front and back, does not add value to the home it will help people to visualise using the outdoor space.

If you have recently sold your home, let us know about your experience and tell us your top tips in the comments.

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