Haunted Mirrors In History

Since the dawn of time, there has been fear and attraction of reflective surfaces. They were and still are connected to the occult and paranormal, with countless stories linking mirrors to the spirit realm. Stories about mirrors tend to be grim and there are stories about haunted mirrors throughout history. So, mirror, mirror on the wall, tell us which mirrors are the most haunted of them all!?

#1  Myrtles’ Malevolence

This special mirror is billed America’s most famous mirror and is speculated to be one of the most haunted. Also sitting in one of America’s most haunted houses in Louisiana, Myrtles Plantation mirror dates back to the late 1700’s, when its owners subjected the slaves on the plantation to horrific abuse. According to legend, the mirror is haunted due to the spirits of the owners being permanently trapped inside the mirror as punishment for how they treated the slaves. The plantation receives millions of visitors each year and it is said that if visitors take photographs of the mirror, they’ll be able to see the ghosts of the owners in the mirrors.

#2  Victorian Viciousness

Back in 2013, two Londoners who lived together purchased a Victorian-style antique mirror after finding it inside a skip in Muswell Hill, North London. Sotiris Charalambous – 34, and Joseph Birch – 20, assert that the haunted mirror has brought them nothing, but bad luck misery, debt and illnesses. They claim that the mirror has caused them to wake up screaming in the night, with stabbing pains. The mirror apparently went up on eBay, but whether Charalambous and Birch managed to get rid of it, remains to be seen.

#3 Mexican Maliciousness

There was a story of a haunted mirror in Veracruz, Mexico. A man and his friend purchased an elaborate silver mirror, despite being told by the shop owner that he must ensure that the mirror is always covered up after the sun goes down. When he got home in the evening, he swiftly covered up the mirror with his bedsheet and it wasn’t long before he could hear a knocking sound coming from the direction of the mirror. The bed sheet was removed and immediately, he saw his reflection that was moving on its own. The man was horrified and watched as his mirror self eerily knocked on the mirror back at him and hastily tried to put the bed sheet back up, but it was too late. His reflection somehow grabbed him and tried to pull the man into the mirror; he freed himself eventually before destroying the demonic mirror in a fire.

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