Take A Walk On The Wild Side This Summer- Visit Hobbledown Now

Meerkats are comical, charismatic animals from Africa, which have been led to great fame in the UK thanks to baby Oleg from the Compare The Market advertising campaign.

Small in stature but big in personality they stand between 25-30cm tall with a tail between 19-24 cms long and weigh in at anything under 1kg.

The sociable animals are seen in groups with a number of families living together in a large community. One of their most common features is the upright posture adopted at lookout posts, scouring the skies for birds of prey that can seize them from the ground.

Working together in numbers a few will be on guard, ready to let out a warning cry for all to take cover should the need arise. The rest of the community busy themselves searching for food that makes up their omnivorous diet. They will eat insects, fruit, birds and lizards.

These loveable creatures have become somewhat of a fascination to the British public, particularly as we now have celebrity Meerkats on our tv screens. They are loved by both adults and children alike.

One adventure park that takes the love of their Meerkats very seriously is Hobbledown, a mystical farm park adventure in Epsom, Surrey. The park is themed around the book “Hobbledown” written by Angela Kecojevic about the magical world of the Hobblers.

The park covers a 50-acre site that is home to more than 150 animals as well as indoor and outdoor adventure play equipment some of which is not for the faint hearted.

The Meerkats at Hobbledown have their very own adventure playground that includes a swing, tunnel and bridges. It was built using wood from Hobbledown’s famed Oak Tree, the home of Fern the Fairy.

If you have a child that loves Meerkats as well as mystical adventure then head to Hobbledown. Better still hold your child’s birthday party at Hobbledown. The Hobblers know plenty about what makes a great birthday party and they can honestly say there isn’t a better place to have a kid’s party in Surrey.

For more information on Hobbledown head for the website, that’s where the fun starts. You can find out everything you need to know about including the Hobbledown Guards, Hobblenosh, Huck, Sludgebucket and Fern the Fairy. Of course it has how to find Hobbledown, opening times and prices too.

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