6 Real Reasons to Visit Hobbledown Kids Farm in Surrey

Kids Farm in Surrey

I have mentioned Hobbledown, the magical kids farm in Surrey, a number of times in previous articles. Talking about the fun seasonal events they hold, as well as the array of wonderful activities that are available for children to engage in on a family day out.

So much fun is had at Hobbledown, people can’t help but write about their experiences at this kids farm in Surrey that is based around the book by Angela Kecojevic. Take a look at what people are saying and experience some of the Hobbledown events through pictures, words and video:

A Family Day to Hobbledown Farm

If you are wondering if your little one is still too little for Hobbledown, dadwithoutamap.com shares his recollection of his day spent at Hobbledown with toddler B. He covers getting there without a car, the cost and the best areas of the farm for children this age. Well worth a read…

dadwithoutamap.com  – A family day out to Hobbledown Farm

Wildflowers Festival at Hobbledown

I have covered child friendly raves in a previous article, and that is exactly what the Wildflower Festival at Hobbledown is. A fantastic opportunity to introduce your children to the world of music and dancing, and adults get to join in too. If you can’t get to Hobbledown’s festival there are a number of companies popping up, like Big Fish Little Fish, that organise events all over the country. In the meantime, watch what fun it is…

Our Adventure at Hobbledown

If the dadwithoutamap.com article has left you feeling you would like a more visual insight into Hobbledown, then take a look at the Hudson family’s video diary of their day out…

Christmas Lunch at Hobbledown

What can be more magical that lunching with the Santa Claus himself. Not only that but the children get free play in the park and a Christmas gift too. I don’t doubt that many families have wonderful photos to cherish from such a magical festive time at Hobbledown, just like this family.

The joy of five – Toddler Christmas Lunch at Hobbledown

Christmas Crackers at Hobbledown

Santa just loves his annual stay at Hobbledown with the Hobblers. He arrives in late November, without fail, and resides at Hobbledown until Christmas eve. He loves visits from the children and gives each and every one a special Christmas gift and a special souvenir photo keyring too. Read what Families Upon Thames have to say about it:

Families Online – Christmas Crackers at Hobbledown

Reviews Online

If you are still unsure of what a magical, mystical day out Hobbledown is, at any time of the year, just have a look at TripAdvisor. We all like to research and take advice and recommendations from others before we spend our precious time and money on something. It is important to us parents that our days out with the children live up to their expectations, so take a look the experiences others have had before you head out…

TripAdvisor – Hobbledown Reviews

Now all that is left to do is visit yourself, share your experiences and make sure you capture lots of memories that will last you a lifetime.

Already been to Hobbledown? Please share some of your best bits with us in the comments.

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