Hot Tub Maintenance

With the craze of hot tubs sweeping the country and learning that a quarter of lottery winners are buying them with their winnings, I wonder if is something that I should indulge in.  There is a space for it to fit nicely in my garden, but will I really use it?

The thought of relaxing in hot, swirling, bubbly water is very appealing and sounds like it would add a touch of luxury to my lifestyle.  However, I am sure there are plenty of things I should consider first.

Running Costs

So apparently in costs approximately £3.85 per week to run a hot tub, outside in the UK.  Well, that’s less than a bottle of wine, an exercise class and much cheaper than a massage for relaxation and the hot tub can be used by the whole family every day.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot tub maintenance plans are being offered for as little as £48 a month by a local provider, at least this way I wont have rely on my husband and it will give me the piece of mind that the hot tub will always be in tip top condition and ready for use every day.

Safety for Children

My young teenage children get very annoyed that they are not usually old enough to go in the Jacuzzi when we are away, so I am sure they would love a hot tub.  However, I also have a two year old which could prove to be a challenge.  Some good house rules, a good cover and perhaps some fencing around the hot tub is what is recommended to avoid any water related incidents.  That doesn’t sound like too much trouble.

Health Benefits

Research shows that using a hot tub can relieve muscle pain as the hot water has the same effect as a heat pack would have on sore muscles.  Relaxing in the hot water also loosens muscle tightness.  My gymnast son would benefit from this after his training every day.  The idea of getting a good nights sleep after relaxing for 15-20 in a hot tub is very appealing and of benefit to each of us.  Having learned that hydrotherapy can promote feelings of rejuvenation, wellbeing and relaxation I am beginning to think I will never get out of a hot tub.

So with costs coming in on budget, including the hot tub maintenance, which is a pleasant surprise, I can’t wait to go shopping and revel in the benefits my new hot tub will bring.  I am sure it won’t be long until I am trying to keep the children out of it.

If you have a hot tub and small children let me know how it works for you.

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