Instant Boiling Water Taps v Kettles

Is your electrical kettle on its way out? Or perhaps you’re looking for a hot water dispenser for the office? Maybe you’re redesigning your kitchen and want to upgrade with some new gadgets?

Instant boiling water taps are very popular at the moment and are being touted as a high-tech, viable alternative to the good ol’ kitchen kettle.

What exactly is an Instant Boiling Water Tap?

Instant boiling water tap, kettle tap, hot water dispenser…. Whatever you call them, they all have the same primary function – to dispense hot water in seconds.

Not only is that perfect if you’re after a quick brew, but hot water taps can also offer time-saving benefits for cooking and washing purposes too!

Hot Water Dispenser or the Kettle?

The common way to produce hot water for hot drinks such as tea and coffee is to overfill a kettle, normally with at least 50% more water than actually needed, then wait for it to boil.

A hot water dispenser is a kettle-like product that will boil and dispense a single mugful of water at a time. Although the initial cost of an instant hot water tap far exceeds the modest kettle, it offers potential energy-saving benefits of only boiling the water you need at a time.

Some hot water dispensers have variable water settings, meaning you can alter the amount of water that’s dispensed, but generally, you’ll get between 150ml (equivalent to a cup or small mug) and 350ml (a large mug) when using one.

Boiling water taps are useful for people who only want to boil a small amount of water. For those who want to boil a large amount of water, the humble kettle may still be the better option. Is your water hard or soft at home? Read the why soft water is improving the quality of homes across the UK.

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