3 Good Reasons to use a Qualified Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Recent horror stories in the national media have highlighted the dangers of DIY teeth whitening products. The damage that can be caused by peroxide, which is used in this treatment, is not widely known to the general public. And that’s why it’s vital to use a qualified dentist for teeth whitening procedures.

Here in the south of England, seeking out a private dentist in Winchester could save you agony and distress. They will perform laser teeth whitening using a light-activated bleaching gel.  Or they will provide a kit you can use at home. But this will only happen following a consultation.  A check-up will make sure your mouth and teeth are in good shape.

Visiting an orthodontist in Winchester may save you from suffering the same fate as these three poor people (and from having your picture spread across the pages of the country’s newspapers.)

Case study 1 – Unlicensed Beautician

A 43-year-old mother of two from Lancaster lost her four front teeth after an unlicensed beautician carried out a botched and illegal tooth whitening procedure.

Kellie Taylor said she was afraid to leave her house and her confidence was shattered after the peroxide penetrated her gums and made them weak.

Because she was not a registered dental practitioner, beautician Natalie Kowalczyk was taken to court, found guilty and fined nearly £2,000.

If Kellie lived in Hampshire, dental implants in Winchester could well be her next Google search to solve her problem.

Case Study 2 – Over the Counter Product

A hole in his throat was the end result of wanting a smile like Hollywood star Channing Tatum for a 22-year-old sales assistant from Rushton, Northamptonshire. Jake Barrett used a well-known over-the-counter tooth whitening product.  But he suffered a reaction and was left with a sac of peroxide under his tongue. Doctors said it could have killed him if the painful cyst of poison had leaked.

An emergency operation lasting three hours had to be carried out. A tube was inserted in his throat to drain the sac. He spent ten days in the hospital and lost one of his back teeth.

Case Study 3 – Unlicensed Practitioner

A young Scottish woman suffered third-degree burns to her lips after having her teeth whitened by someone working from their own home.

Abbie Kilbride, 18, from Renfrew, was devastated and had to be treated in hospital for swollen and blistered lips. She was then on a strict soup-only diet until her lips responded to treatment.

Beware of Peroxide

teeth whitening - beware peroxide

From bomb-making to bleaching hair to teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide does have a myriad of uses. But it is dangerous.

The problem comes when it leaks out onto the gums and the rest of the mouth. And it can cause stomach problems – ingesting this lethal substance can in fact be fatal.

The law says that teeth whitening can only be performed by registered dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians working to the prescription of a dentist.

Winchester orthodontics, City Bridge Dental, could be the answer for Hampshire residents or visitors to the picturesque and historic capital of Wessex.

Checking the credentials of the person carrying out your procedure is a must to protect your health and keep yourself safe.

Have you had your teeth professionally whitened? Were you pleased with the experience and the results? Tell us about it in the comments of this article.

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