Party with “Fancy Dress” Stars

So Christmas is over, the party frocks, glittery eye shadow and stiletto heels are securely back in the wardrobe, the sweets and chocolates have been eaten, given or thrown away and the January health kick has begun.

What about those of us with a January birthday? Surely someone will want to come out and play!

To lure your friends and family out of their January hibernation why not throw a party with a difference. A fancy dress party is always good fun, but why not go a step further and set a theme like TV and film fancy dress inspired by the great movies that you have watched over the Christmas period? Fancy dress with the stars, so to speak!

Fancy dress companies have a vast array of costumes and cater for any genre it seems. So, if I were to be on your esteemed guest list which character, from what great movie would I be?

Here are a few of my favourites:

Princess Leia


A great leader that is dedicated to her cause and fearless on the battlefield. A force to be reckoned with!

The Adams Family
The slim, pale skinned matriarch of the Adams Family that allures her man easily and likes to cut the heads off of roses. A lady in control!

The Smurfs
A fun character who is the love interest of all the Smurfs in the village, but then she is the only girl! A very excitable, brave, and athletic character who longs to be loved.

Toy Story
A very excitable, brave, and athletic character who longs to be loved.

Sue Sylvester
Pure evil and doesn’t hide it! A Character that speaks her mind and doesn’t mind appalling people with the things she says. Could make for an interesting evening.

Tron Legacy
Quite innocent and naïve at times, Quorra is very protective of the ones she loves to the point of self sacrifice.

Before making the final decision on the character you are going to be make sure you:

1. Pick an outfit that your guests will recognise.

2. Check your guest list to give yourself an idea of what people may dress as to try to avoid clashes. Remember whatever you wear, do it with confidence.

3. Accessorize your costume to pull off the complete look.

4. Make sure you choose an outfit that is comfortable and easy to move in.

5. Theme your venue to make sure your party is fun, exciting and memorable.

One last thing….

Make sure your guests know it is a fancy dress party and have fun!

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