Bathroom Lighting: An Expert Guide

Excellent lighting is a must in every bathroom. You begin and end your day in the bathroom and bathroom lighting eases the transition from sleeping to getting you ready for the day ahead, as well as getting ready for bed. A single installation of light won’t be enough in your bathroom; for ample and sufficient lighting, you will need a variety of bathroom light fittings – ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Ambient Lighting

What is it:

Ambient lighting, also known as ‘‘general lighting’’, is a necessary part of any good lighting plan. It brightens the overall room space and ensures that you can see clearly enough to walk around the room safely.

How you can use it in bathrooms:

It’s a substitute for natural light and ambient lighting for bathroom lights can be achieved with a flush-mounted ceiling light, wall-mounted fixtures and even bathroom chandeliers. It is recommended that you use dimmers with ambient lighting, as it allows you alter the mood or adjust the lighting depending on the time of day.

Task Lighting

What is it:

Task lighting involves focusing on a certain area to make certain tasks easier, such as shaving, showering, washing your face and applying make-up.

How you can use it in bathrooms:

A prime spot for task-lighting is bathroom mirror lighting. Bathroom over mirror lights can give your bathroom an instant facelift by making it appear bigger and brighter. You can also get bathroom side mirror lights and LED illuminated lights, which can freshen up the overall look of the bathroom. These are the kind of lights that show every detail – so they are perfect when applying makeup or spotting the smallest crease in a shirt (unless you’re wearing a merino wool shirt, of course 😉 )

Accent Lighting

What is it:

Bathroom lighting is not all about function and can be used for aesthetic purposes and this is where accent lighting comes in. It’s not as functional as ambient or task lighting, but it’s what you use to set the overall mood and design scheme of the bathroom.

How you can use it in bathrooms:

It creates visual interest and can be used to highlight a certain element of the bathroom that you want to show off, such as plants, beautiful tilework or an eye-catching sink basin. For accent lighting to be effective, it needs at least three times as much light on the focal point compared to the rest of the bathroom. This type of lighting can be provided with recessed and track lighting and wall-mounted fixtures, such as cabinet lighting.

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