The Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric scooter usage has seen something of a boom in the UK over recent years. Even local regions are on the craze in an attempt to lower CO2 emissions in their area – providing rental electric scooters. By whether you own your ride, or whether you rent one, what do you need? Here are the best electric scooter accessories that you will need for a fun and safe scooting experience.


Wearing a helmet may not be a legal requirement, but it still is a very smart thing to do. In the year ending June 2021, there were 882 accidents involving electric scooters – three riders were killed. So, riding about can be dangerous. Lower the risk of fatal head injury by wearing a suitable helmet. 

Your choice of helmet may depend on the type of electric scooter you ride. For those riding below 20mph, it is generally considered to be lower risk, so a standard bicycle helmet would be suitable. However, for riders on electric scooters moving at high speeds, consider looking at motorcycle or eBike helmets for the most substantial protection. The best electric scooter accessories are the safest, 


Decent lights are essential for your electric scooter. Of course, they will help you spot any hazards in the road; like potholes, drains, or slippery surfaces. However, having good lighting also makes you much easier to spot for other road users – reducing the risk of being involved in an accident.

When looking at lights, you need to consider the lumen count. The higher this is, the brighter the light will be. Lights with 100 lumens or lower will usually be okay for scooting around in areas with adequate lighting. Anything above 300 lumens is considered to be bright enough for riders to see the road ahead of them, while ensuring they can be seen by other road users.


Continuing on the theme of adequate lighting, reflectors are another crucial accessory for your electric scooter. Simply put, equipping these adds another form of safety to ensure that you’re perfectly visible to other road users. There are also creative, yet reflective, stickers that you can add to your electric scooter, to customise your ride. 


If you want to give yourself the extra element of protection while riding your scooter, consider wearing a high-vis jacket. These garments are reflective and fluorescent which really help you stand out on the road and cycle paths.


You’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on your electric scooter – the last thing you want is for it to be stolen! While most locks can be broken in one form or another, thieves are less likely to target your scooter if it has a tougher lock to crack. So it’s worth investing in a strong, high-quality lock.

Unfortunately, locks are one of those things that increase price as they become higher quality. But, it’s for sure, a worthy investment to offer the peace of mind when leaving your electric scooter outside. Of course, most rides are designed to be folded up, so avoid leaving yours outdoors as much as you can.

Phone holder

Following on from the safety points raised earlier, I must stress how unwise it would be of you to look at your phone while riding. It’s 2022, let’s face it, we’re glued to our phones – however, there’s a time and a place. But, in some instances it might be a good idea to have a maps app open on your phone to help you get to where you’re wanting to go. 

Instead of having one hand on your phone and another on the handlebars, invest in a good phone holder. Sturdy holders will keep your device safely in place and ensure that you don’t see your phone flying out of your pocket and on to the road at 25/30 mph!


For some, an electric scooter is like a car, it’s their pride-and-joy. Over time, muck from the road will build up on your ride. Worryingly, this can actually cause operational issues for your scooter. The buildup of dirt can begin corroding the important parts of your scooter; the wheels, the brakes, and the footplate. Simply hosing it down with water will not do.

There are loads of products out there to help properly clean your scooter. They will target the bits of muck that are bound to cause damage. This is all part of ensuring that your scooter is safe, and preserving its lifespan.

Fun and safe scootering

The world of electric scootering is a thrilling one for sure. Kitting your scooter out with the safest accessories will give you the peace of mind to go out and ride with gusto. These are the best electric scooter accessories that you will need to consider when buying, or renting, your vehicle.

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